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Doctor Roblejo’s neurology practice encompasses many disorders and abnormal conditions that can impact the nervous system, including problems with the functioning of the brain, spinal cord and the nerves throughout the body. Some examples include migraines and other headache types, memory and cognitive problems in both the young and elderly, and electrical disturbances in the brain that can cause seizures and epilepsy. Doctor Roblejo welcomes individuals with a variety of such issues, and has developed a specific interest in conditions that are especially impacting on the performance of younger patients, such as epilepsy, migraine phenomena and cognitive issues including attention deficit disorder. These conditions are quite common in younger individuals and are especially concerning to those who are in the midst of their academic aspirations and professional’career demands. Doctor Roblejo is certified by the Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, twice boarded, and through over 15 years of experience in his field has learned to integrate all potential factors that could impact a patient’s performance, including musculoskeletal imbalances, postural factors, mood and stress states, and diet and sleep issues. He is aligned with the very best specialists in neuro-psychology to provide very comprehensive management strategies to more fully optimize an individual’s functioning.

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